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Natural Cosmetics

Rocia Cosmetics

Many of our clients at Kawartha Natural Health Clinic are Striving to maintain a "natural ingredient" philosophy, we only use ingredients sourced from nature, that are proven to be safe and effective (organic if possible).

That is what sets ROCIA makeup apart from mainstream cosmetics; even other mineral brands. We are excited to bring to you.

A superior line of mineral cosmetics and natural skin care that has your health and well-being as first priority. The minerals used in ROCIA cosmetics are imported from all over the world. First they are extracted from the earth. Then they must be refined to remove any heavy, toxic metals. They are then manufactured for cosmetic use: ground into small particles, and coated with other natural minerals.

"…for the health of your skin" is the core principle behind every ROCIA product with the end result to provide premium total skin-care, body-care and cosmetic solutions which are both safe and natural ROCIA's commitment is to provide the best quality Canadian-made products utilizing only the finest therapeutic-grade blends of 100% naturally-occurring ingredients which are:

  • High performance and effective
  • Recommended by natural health-care professionals
  • Vegan friendly • Gluten-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • And do not contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, chemicals, talc or artificial colours

Imagine, if you could have the perfect SKINCARE AND BODYCARE line … would it be?

  • A complete skin-care system that is as "uniquely individual" as you are with over 6 different moisturizers formulated for skin types such as oily-acneic, normal-oily, normal-dry, dry, mature or sensitive-rosacea-prone!

  • A user-friendly "skin-care chart" which takes away the guesswork and helps you determine which products to use!

  • "High-performance" supplemental products that you can mix and match to create a customized combination that meets your individual needs … eye serum, fruit acid lotion (natural aha) or seaweed gel scrub to toning treatment oils and so much more!

  • "Variety" of body care products from natural shampoo bars and seaweed hair conditioner, broad-spectrum sun block, cellulite attack and detoxifying deodorant to natural soaps that meet any occasion or any mood … energizing patchouli-lime, calming lavender-vanilla, balancing rosemary-mint & sensual ylang-ylang!

Imagine, if you could have the perfect COSMETIC line … would it be?

  • a "buff & go" cosmetic foundation that's fast, weightless and easy to use that leaves skin with a smooth, natural, airbrushed appearance and natural coverage that's so amazing you don't even need a concealer or liquid/cream foundation to achieve that flawless look … only 1 product … 1 step! And, it's available in 20 skin tones with custom-blending available so that your skin colour can be perfectly matched!

  • At least 50 "multi-tasking" matte, satin or shimmer colours you can use either wet or dry that can be transformed from shadows to liners, brow shades, custom nail polish and lip gloss shades, etc … and they're all labelled into colour groups with an easy-to-use "colour quiz" that helps determine which family of colours are best for you!

  • Lots of lip colour selection with over 20 "long-lasting" shades to choose from made with hydrating organic oils, butters and botanicals that leave lips looking & feeling irresistibly smooth & silky … and they're vegan friendly and gluten free!

  • And last, but not least, a 100% "natural" mascara that takes lashes to new lengths, safe for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers and comes in 3 colours that fit every occasion … Mica (black-brown), Black (dense black) and Nightshade (dark pewter grey with a smudge of blue)!

INTRODUCING… the perfect skincare, bodycare and cosmetic line.

To learn more please visit the Rocia website.

Rocia Cosmetics


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