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Vitality Assessment™, EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment), and EDS (Electro- Dermal Screening)

 Vitality Assessment™ offers a quick, non-invasive screening method for determining health imbalances. VA™ (Vitality Assessment™) has great value in giving practitioners a “hands on” assessment tool. VA™ is an “Energetic” assessment of the individual.

Patients at Kawartha Natural Health Clinic concerned about longevity, wellness, preventative care, natural healing methods, and alternative therapies will find a VAä (Vitality Assessmentä) to be an unparalleled source for answers to their health situations.

The information provided from a VA screening is invaluable for the general assessment of a patient’s condition. Additionally, VA practitioners have found tremendous success using VA as a powerful tool for determining preventative and “Customized Targeted Remedies” for their patients.

In the late 1940’s, a German medical doctor and engineer, Dr. Reinhard Voll, began researching and proving an innovative testing method now known as EAV, also known as EDS and now VAä. This method was documented and proven in over a decade of hospital studies in Germany, and today VA is widely used throughout Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners. In North America, VA is currently growing in acceptance particularly by medical practitioners who specialize in “Alternative, Holistic, and Biological Medicine” techniques and disciplines.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that we have many different organs and glands in the body.  We are also familiar with the highly organized and complex nervous system and circulatory system. Initially, we consider that all these organs, glands, and systems are physical and chemical in nature. We can touch, see, and measure these aspects. There is also an unseen component of all these organs, glands, and systems, called the Energetic System. This energetic system is not physical or chemical in its nature. Instead, it is pure energy. 

The energetic system is a network of communication pathways. This system is aware of everything that is going on in even the smallest corner of your body. The energetic system knows the presence of every organism living in your body, including all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It also knows the functional condition and health level of every cell in your body. The energetic system is also aware of every toxin and every other factor that influences your state of health. If we could find a way to directly tap into and measure the energetic system, we could determine, at any moment, everything about your health condition. Just imagine the possibilities of this idea. This sounds like science fiction, something you would see on “Star Trek”. Someday, this type of medical technology may be a reality. But today, we have to remember that we have not created a technology that can directly measure and communicate with the energetic system. This is disappointing, however, there is a bright side to this story. Using current technology we can indirectly measure the energetic system.

The VA™ Testing Device indirectly measures the energetic system by using electricity. The practitioner tests each Meridian Point with a stylus that has a metal tip, usually made of brass. The practitioner tests the conductivity of different meridian points by applying the stylus onto the meridian point on a patient's hands and feet.

Voll discovered that there is a universal baseline, regardless of who is tested, no matter what their age, weight, sex, or race. A reading of 50 is an indication of an energetically healthy or “balanced” meridian. 

Irritation and Inflammation: Readings at points that are significantly above 50 (65+) indicate “Irritation” of the meridian. Readings above 75 exhibit “Inflammation” of a meridian. This is easily understood. We all have observed or experienced that inflamed tissue is swollen. It holds more liquid than its normal state of being. We also know that the more liquid equates to more electrical conductivity. Therefore, we should have a higher conductivity reading if a tissue is inflamed. 

Functionally Compromised Readings: When a reading is significantly lower than 50 (below 40) then it is believed that this meridian is displaying “low energy” properties. A chronically inflamed organ will eventually stop performing as it loses the fight. It may become hardened, as happens in liver cirrhosis. As organs harden, they lose their hydration, and thus cannot conduct electricity as they once did, therefore producing “low energy” readings. 

Indicator Drops and Impaired Functionality: When a reading steadily drops in value from the high point down, this is known as an “Indicator Drop" (ID), and this can display a weakness or disturbance in the meridian. From a functional standpoint it can be said that the meridian is “Functionally Impaired”. A practitioner can test all of the basic meridians in just a few minutes, and by evaluating each reading, he can determine the general energetic condition of all the organs and glands.

Voll also discovered “Remedy Testing”.  He found that different remedies might affect the readings on different meridians. For example, if you are testing the liver meridian and the practitioner tests several different remedies on the “Test Plate”, some of these remedies may change the conductance readings on the liver meridian. If a particular remedy causes the liver meridian reading to become more “Balanced” (closer to 50), then the practitioner would consider this specific remedy to be “Bio-Compatible, or Targeted”. Which means, the remedy produces a favourable or “Positive Response” energetically.

What makes “Customized Targeted Remedy” Testing a remarkable tool, is that the Remedy is being tested on an Energetic level. The patient does not have to ingest the remedy, smell the remedy, see the remedy, or feel the remedy. Using this testing model, Voll and his researchers developed a well organized, methodology for VA practitioners to determine what types of toxins, virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, environmental effects and allergies energetically affect the Meridians. Even emotional aspects can be tested in this manner. 

Recent technological advances in North America have taken this method one step further, with the addition of computer technology. VA Testing is the first technological application designed to measure the energetic system of the human body. VA™ is not intended to be a replacement to other patient health evaluation methods; rather VA™ testing offers a source of valuable assessment information, unattainable in any other fashion. Individuals concerned about longevity, wellness, preventative care, natural healing methods and alternative therapies will find VA to be an unparalleled source for answers. And for all of these reasons, the number of patients seeking this type of health assessment in North America is on the rise.

For patients with complex, unanswered health scenarios, the Vitality Assessment is our premiere treatment procedure. When used as recommended, over time, this is the most valuable and cost effective treatment program combining the use of today’s modern Western technology, and the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine. VA™ (Vitality Assessment™) is an unparalleled source for answers to health situations.


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